King Asha Mariyn (Lion)

Never has the idea of a warrior king been so realized in one individual. King Asha Mariyn has been the ruling monarch in the Singing Hills for almost a decade. It is an impressive feat for him considering that the Pride have a nasty reputation for their monarch’s lasting no longer than two to five years as kings. That the Pride is so well known for its assassins and spies is no coincidence to this. Not all are so obvious, but everyone believes that any premature death of a king is almost always the work of an assassin.

His survivability is due to his terrifying combat prowess and what must be natural born luck. Many attempts have been made on his life, but his sheer ferocity as a warrior has saved his life with each occasion where a hired blade was utilized. As for the use of toxins or poisons, the Hunter must have a greater battle in mind for King Mariyn.

In regards to his rule, King Mariyn is a war monger that barely acknowledges the allegiances the pride has and thinks of his enemies as the holders of territories that will eventually belong to him. For years he has waged war against the Western clans for their territories.

King Asha is an absolutely fearsome soldier and a competent general. However, he leaves the ‘boring’ nature of politics and trade in the hands of those he deems far more capable of managing such things. If he so desired, he could run the kingdom by himself, but prefers things that genuinely interest him such as the rush gained from combat. For those delicate matters that require a precise hand, he defers to the King’s Claw, a being whose sole purpose is the will of his King.

King Asha Mariyn (Lion)

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