The Scourge

“I want to go up.”

Like a flood it washed over the Pack, slowly embedding itself in the minds of many, including their leader. Its change was subtle, planting goals and intents in the minds it infected, making their decisions seem like the host was in control the entire time. Only when its goals were threatened, did others notice the change that had befallen their comrades. The civil war was swift to begin, and long to last.

Through the blood of their friends and family did they learn the exact nature of the threat that had come to their home. Carried by the winds to the west did it arrive by spores, invisible in smaller numbers, but just as dangerous. To this day, they do not know precisely how much of these spores it takes to be infected. The only safe way to be sure is never to come in contact with them, either by ingesting them, or inhaling them.

In their desperation to survive the threat that had infected their home, the Pack stumbled across its greatest weapon against the Scourge. Fire had become their tool against it. The presence of fire near the infected caused them to react violently and irrationally. While it made them act unpredictably or dangerously at times, it also allowed them to find out easily who carried the infection.

When they had thinned the threat, they took fire to the woods around their home. The Scourge could also infect the plants. As there was no way to be sure which were infected or not, they burned the entire forest around their home until it was nothing more than a wasteland.

They know that it won’t stop. As easily as the Scourge came last time, will it come again, and again. Only through vigilance can they persevere against it.

The Scourge

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