The Court

“There are no secrets before the court.”

The Court is a clan of owls that reside on a large island in the center of Scholar’s Bay known as the Republic of Solitude. For years, their towers have stretched out to be viewed from kilometers away and in turn, The Court has been able to subsequently view the land from kilometers around them. Knowledge, records and progress have been the main if not sole focus of these people for a long time. They possess so many fields of knowledge that they have actually organized their governing body around it.

The Court is led by a group of twelve councilors that are chosen to represent their skilled fields. There is a councilor for: trade, law, agriculture, philosophy, architecture, records, history, hunting, archeology, medicine, negotiation and tactics. Together, these experts decide on the best course of action for their clan, whether its regarding war, or trade relations. While they often need to agree with each other to make decisions for the entire clan, they will usually defer to an expert given situation by situation basis.

Even with all their knowledge, The Court has their share of flaws. For instance, that they possess such knowledge gives them a sense of entitlement that they are above and far ahead of many in the land. In days long gone of instinctual mindlessness, they were also predators, which have kept their demeanor towards some of the clans decidedly ‘unfriendly’. To those that this does not apply, they are quite welcoming toward.

Unfortunately, for a people dedicated to progress as much as The Court is, their systems are buried in long, complex, if very organized bureaucracy. While frustrating to many, there are some benefits to this system, for instance, their system of law is one of the best in the land. It also takes significantly longer for a trial in Solitude to finish, but they are still the best. If information is something that one should require, Solitude is where one should go, but only if they have all the time in the world to acquire such information. In the eyes of The Court, time is infinite, and nothing worth doing should be quick.

Solitude is a place of preservation and study, and they know almost everything about their home, which is why The Court is always very eager to leave their island as much as they can manage in their lifetime. Not all who come from Solitude are warriors, though most that venture outwards know a little bit of defense in an emergency. They are not particularly fond of violence unless the situation calls for it. Similar to The Scholar, most prefer battles of wit and debate over physical shows of violence.

Favored Gods: The Scholar and The Hunter
Exports: Paper and Ink
Trades with: The Obstinacy, The Volary and The Sleuth

Notable Excerpts:
-“The Court is particularly skilled at political manners due to the fact that, from a young age, their members must learn to mask their emotions. Otherwise they run the risk of quite literally wearing them and showing their intent to all that are gathered. Some utilize this skill to always appear benevolent, whilst others still choose to appear as if they are always on the offensive.” – Unknown

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The Court

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