The Cloud

“Shreeraoh. Yadeeh. Eelta.”

Farther north of Edenheim, the temperatures are incapable of supporting much life beyond the truly daring and those that have adapted to such conditions of living. Only the courageous venture that far and almost always with the intent to return before their lives are lost. There are no records of anyone of significance or any clan in the far north where the chill makes it nigh impossible to live. The Republic of Solitude deals in information that has been properly observed, rumors that can’t be followed through are left to be as they are, rumors.

The truth is a lot simpler than that. The Cloud are no more enigmatic than The Pride, the proclaimed masters of deception. A clan of bats does indeed exist in the north and much of Edenheim has never heard of them, nor seen them. They are a private people, not interested in potential border skirmishes to the south with a land they do not fully understand. As as a result, they seldom venture farther beyond their borders than necessary, which explains why their nature appears veiled in mystery. As for those brave enough to venture forth, many find the path to their home to be one fraught with dangerous terrain. A field of rocks that could be very well disguised as teeth protruding from the earth and precarious terrain leading up towards their home are just some of the few hazards that the Cloud navigate around every day. It certainly helps that they can fly, but some see it as a challenge.

Beyond the dangers rest giant caves embedded into the mountains that they call home. They call their home the Caverns of Resonance, a fitting name to reflect the nature of their home while paying respect to its sheer size. Similar to the Valley of Accord, by pure coincidence, the Cloud’s homes do not reside in cave of the floor. Rather, their homes are suspended from the walls and roof of the cave.

So far detached from Edenheim, yet there are striking similarities. The knowledge of the Gods is one of them. What may very well be where the similarities begin and end. Their language is unique to them and few have ever heard it in their lifetime and fewer still cannot speak it fluently. While having never engaged in conflict with their southern neighbors, they are no strangers to a fight and wield weapons unique to their part of the world. However, they would prefer the thrill of the hunt for beasts over the danger of combat with another sentient being.

The Cloud possess many artists and their fair share of artisans, but the Cloud for the most part find their passion in oration, storytelling and pursuing mysteries that are greater than themselves. The Cloud love an eccentric speech, an emotionally gripping story, and the allure of the mysteries of the world. They do not all participate in such passions equally, but their interactions with each other and other clans inevitably allow those passions to cross paths regularly.

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The Cloud

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