Most clans in Edenheim conduct transactions through trade and barter. However, three of the clans have utilized valuable metals for their currency. These days, all three can be found in and around Edenheim. From the least to most valuable are Iron Slivers, Silver Nuts and Golden Manes.

Iron Slivers: Were originally conceived by the Pack during the height of their power and prior to their civil war. They are made of iron and resemble a small dull stake roughly the size of ones pinky. The emblem of the Pack is stamped on the top and a cipher is embedded along the side to prevent counterfeits.

Silver Nuts: Originally created by the Warren many years ago and still created to this day. They are quite similar to the shape of a hazelnut both in size and texture. Obviously a lot heavier and far more valuable though. They are less concerned about counterfeiting than the Pack, but they do stamp the emblem of the Warren on the top of each one.

Golden Manes: Using their plentiful resources, the Pride created these golden coins as a symbol of their wealth to spread across Edenheim. It is a rather large coin made of gold and other metals to strengthen it. The coin itself has rather simple design. One one side, a head of a lion. On the other is the full name of the current King during the reign in which it was made.


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