“We were nothing more than beasts in the beginning. We, along with the world and sun were created by the gods that walked among us. There were six of them. The Hunter, who lived off the land seeking challenges and trophies. None of his siblings could best him in combat. The Scholar spent an eternity accumulating knowledge to satiate his craving for academia. None of his siblings could best him in debate. The Caretaker dedicated his life to understanding and living with us beasts. None of his siblings could ever say no to him. The Builder spent many years perfecting the structures he built from wood and stone. None of his siblings could match his craftsmanship. The Artist wanted nothing more than to pursue his arts for as long as he drew breath. None of his siblings could sing or dance as well as him. The Lunatic wandered the land aimlessly, tormenting us and speaking to no one. None of his siblings understood him.

“There are no clear reasons for why this happened, but the Gods left us. Perhaps they had grown bored or they simply felt that we deserved a chance to live as they lived. Regardless of their reasons, they agreed unanimously and parted their final gifts to most of us. The Hunter shared his instincts, for they had never betrayed him. The Scholar shared some of his intellect, for it was invaluable to him. The Caretaker shared his wisdom, for he believed it would guide us in dark times. The Builder shared his skills, for his creations stood the test of time. The Artist shared his passion, for it always surprised him. The Lunatic wished to share his burden, for he believed we deserved it.

His siblings opposed this, and spared us his curse. The Lunatic was enraged by their betrayal and in his rage, plucked out his eye and tossed it into the night sky. He laughed and claimed that eventually, their gifts would be forgotten by us, and his gaze would remain constant for eternity. We were spared his curse, but not all of us are so lucky. Once a month, those that were not fortunate suffer the same madness that plagued him.

So pray, young one. Pray for their blessings, and hope that The Lunatic does not favor you." РDagur Hallbjörn of the Obstinacy

To Walk in Their Footsteps

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