The Warren

“Luck favors the pious.”

Possessing the largest stretch of land in comparison to all clans is the Warren. A staggering variety of species exist amongst this clan from mice, squirrels, raccoons and foxes. All of them live together peacefully in the appropriately named, Valley of Accord. Their homes can be seen built carefully along the walls of the valley and tunnels are carefully dug into the side. Linking their homes are many suspension bridges built for wherever one is needed. It goes without saying that you will not find anyone with a fear of heights in the Warren.

Most if not all clans worship the gods in their own way; the Warren are unique in that they have built their governing structure around their worship. The ones in charge of worship and the temples tend to have the most power. It is a select few of these leaders usually make decisions for most of the clan. They are not chosen by majority; rather it is a position passed down to whom is deemed fitted for it. In most cases, the one who holds the position originally makes the decision. Obviously this is not always the case in situations where death is a factor.

It can be a very jarring experience for strangers to visit the Valley. Unlike most clans who shun worship of the Lunatic for his supposed torment of all creatures in the past, the Warren does worship the Lunatic. What many tend not to understand is that they do so out of fear rather than actual love for the god. That worship might dissuade his ire and prompt his blessings instead is the idea behind this. A common method of worship is the act of stealing from others. Their justification is that the simple act reflects the nature of the lunatic in several respects. It is widely accepted by the clan as a result. As expected, for strangers, this practice usually gets them in trouble as many are not so inclined to be friendly when they’ve had something belonging to them stolen. There are traditions when it comes to settling these disputes, and to have a stranger, or native kill or harm the thief out of anger is a very serious crime in the Valley.

Most warriors or fighters of the clan tend to be of the stealthy variety, preferring to have the advantage of surprise when it comes to combat. The clan has a healthy reputation for having some of the best spies and assassins in all of the land. Even the Pride has a hard time matching the sheer skill that they possess. Given the always uneasy relationship they have with the Pride, this is quite helpful for the Warren.

By nature, most who come from the Warren are usually a wary and observant people. They’re quick to trust if they feel at ease in another’s presence, and just as easily to fight or flee if they feel that a situation is threatening towards them. Regardless if they are a warrior, smith, or priest, all tend to find power in their conviction. Many find it difficult to sway their feelings on a matter. And as the old saying goes, they best be prepared if they try to corner them. The Warren are most dangerous when forced into a corner.

Favored Gods: The Lunatic and The Builder
Exports: Oils and Nuts
Trades with: The Pack, The Volary and The Sleuth

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The Warren

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