The Volary

“As sharp, as fast as the wind.”

The Volary are a clan of birds of all kinds who reside on a mountain they call The Spine of the world. Similar to the Pride, the Volary have a bit of a fondness for the aristocracy and arts just like their bitter and vicious feline neighbours. However, they have rarely at any point held themselves above anyone despite the fact that they live in literal higher elevation than most. They are very much aware of their strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to either utilizing them, or shielding them.

As a consequence of their craft, they are far more renowned for their manipulation of earth and stone than they are for their manipulation of ink and paint. As almost all of the clan are capable of flight, they need weapons and armor that don’t weigh them down when they are hundreds of meters above the ground. Years spent living on an ore rich mountain has allowed the Volary to perfect an armor that has the strength of iron with the weight of wood. It comes as no surprise that their weapons and armor are often desired by many in the world for this trait alone. The Volary are very careful not to have the secrets of their design stolen by their rivals. Luckily for them, the most important secret behind their forging lies in the mountain they call home andthe nature of the ore that can be found there.

As far as politics are concerned, the Volary elect a figurehead as well as a council to rule over them. It is by no means a temporary position; those elected are expected to honor their position until their eventual death. Politics are not a simple manner when it comes to these people. While the reality is that they have enemies that would love to see their clan burn, a lot of the politics are usually focused on the distinct split between the warriors of their clan and the ‘non-combatants’, as they would be called in polite conversation. Put simply, there are disagreements within the clan regarding decisions that affect all of them. For example, the problem with the Pride is where this divide takes obvious shape. Warriors would see a clan such as the Pride crushed for their wars against the Volary. Those ‘non-combatants’ would rather that such a tense relationship change over time through careful negotiation, trade agreements and perhaps even weddings. Things are tense in The Spine, but at no point have these tensions yet exploded into civil war.

While the divide is present, certainly, there is a sense of unity that all of the clan follows and that is the traditions and code that many of them follow to its word. This code often concerns itself with how they present themselves to others, especially strangers and how formal gatherings are engaged. These traditions are prevalent with their warriors. To live without these codes is to do dishonor to the Volary, a shame that many view as worse than death.

Their politics and rivals aside, The Volary is by nature, polite and patient with other clans. Combat is not always their first solution, it most certainly not their last resort either. If one should desire an honorable individual, they should look no further than The Volary.

Favored Gods: The Artist and The Builder
Exports: Metal and Weapons
Trades with: The Warren, The Court and The Bale

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The Volary

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