The Sleuth

“Nature follows the way of patience, and so do we.”

The Sleuth is a clan of bears that have resided in the Immortal Forest for centuries. For as long as many can recall, the Sleuth have dedicated their lives to patient meditation, restraint and exerting control over their baser instincts. They are not necessarily any more violent than the other clans, but their natural size and strength makes their capacity for violence quite fearsome. While many would argue that this reputation is beneficial in deterring threats, the Sleuth does not wish for their clan to be solely recognized out of fear.

That is why those who venture into the lands of the Sleuth will find them to be very welcoming to anyone and anything that comes with no ill will towards them. Like a monastic order, their lives follow quite a degree of self-control from the moment they wake up until they retire in the evening. These acts are not necessarily traditions to them so much as a way of life and a way to exercise what they preach throughout the entirety of the day. The Sleuth have very little to hide from others and extend that courtesy towards strangers, speaking honestly and politely. Very rarely are they rude to others unless they are provoked.

Due to the sheer size of the Immortal Forest, the Sleuth have had many opportunities to learn a lot about the world around them without actually venturing too far from their lands. The sheer variety of plants in the forest has allowed them to excel in different forms of medicine and poultices that they are perfectly content to share with any clan that is willing to negotiate with them. Similar to the Court, they are inquisitive by nature, though their inquiries are less studious than those in the Court. It’s hardly surprising that some of the best investigators come from the Sleuth clan.

Not all is perfect within the Immortal Forest. There are many who feel that this outlook on life is not rising above their instincts, but repressing their true natures as warriors and conquerors. The elder that rules the clan has final say on any matter regarding those that would purposely deviate or seek to deter this lifestyle. Only in extreme cases do they kill their own. Banishment is often the worst punishment afforded to those that commit crimes that cannot be forgiven. The Sleuth’s greatest shame is their banishment of the warrior Zhann for his crimes.

Zhann was one of the few who was outspoken about how the clan had grown weak. He made efforts to try and bring the elder, his father, onto his way of thinking. There are conflicting stories as to how things had gone between them. The most common is that Zhann struck his father in anger and attacked him. His father fought for his life and survived by stabbing Zhann in his eye. Rather than have him executed, he banished his son. Other stories tell a much different tale of how this incident had occurred. Many now know this being as the bandit king of the Lunatics, and that he now goes by the name Zhann the One-Eyed Kodiak.

Favored Gods: The Caretaker and The Scholar
Exports: Medicine and Lumber
Trades with: The Pride, The Court and The Warren

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The Sleuth

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