The Pride

“Never falter.”

The Pride is a clan of felines who have prospered into a strong kingdom over the course of many years. The reasons for this are their military and combat might as well as the bountiful lands in which they live. The Singing Hills have allowed for them to want for very little, which would explain why they can’t stand not having enough. By reputation, the Pride is a very political and regal clan that have had the luxury of suffering very few crises with the exception of some military engagements in the entirety of their history.

For a long time, they have been very antagonistic with their neighbors and those who they view as ‘lesser’ then themselves. And through their actions, have sparked several different conflicts with their neighboring clans. Luckily for The Pride and their neighbors, the best victory has been nothing more than a small stretch of land that has often exchanged said possession. For the clans that have not endured these conflicts, they are either too far, have a trade alliance, or The Pride actually respects them out of caution.

There has always been an inherent love for the arts within The Pride. And while the most fearsome of their warriors may not be able to handle a paintbrush or words as well as they handle a weapon, most of them understand and appreciate art in its many forms. Uncharacteristically, this attitude applies to arts from other clans as well. The one thing that rivals their enjoyment of art is their love of politics. Anyone who has observed or lived in the Singing Hills will notice that feuds are uncommon and even frowned upon by all as crude and unbecoming. Instead, they prefer using assassination, spying and blackmail to settle such conflicts between each other.

Despite their polite etiquette, valuable silks and love of the arts, martial prowess is an expectation within the kingdom and most, if not all are quite capable of handling themselves in a fight no matter their official trade or station. Their current ruler, King Asha Mariyn, has quite the reputation as a warrior and strongly encourages those in his kingdom to follow his example. King Maryin has maintained his position for much of his life, which in The Pride, is quite a feat considering that assassination is a popular practice.

Favored Gods: The Hunter and The Artist
Exports: Fabrics and Spices
Trades With: The Bale, The Obstinacy and The Sleuth

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The Pride

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