The Pack

“We are the scar.”

The Pack is a very militarized clan of canines with incredibly strict laws and traditions regarding the safekeeping of their scarred lands and people born there. They are incredibly distrusting to outsiders and more often than not, they tend to voice that distrust openly or give that impression through their mannerisms. Military service is absolutely mandatory for everyone born in the lands of The Pack, regardless of status or gender. Once that service is complete, they may live their lives as they please. However, given the nature of The Pack they tend to favor staying in the military over leaving. The Pack wasn’t always this way, but events that occurred years ago forced them to undergo these drastic changes.

Decades ago, The Pack was a peaceful clan whose present military force was only used in defense of their lands, once known as the Timber Woods. These woods were named after their Lord Alpha Ornos Timber, a being who was well known as a strong and charismatic individual. In his prime, he ordered construction of a spire that would be dedicated to the legacy he’d leave behind for The Pack. Initially, they were content to build a monument to his deeds. However, as construction carried on and the tower grew in height, his Generals voiced their concerns. When they refused to let their Lord carry on, he had them executed. This act exploded a civil war that carried on for months at the cost of many lives until their Lord was finally slain. His last words to the ones that killed him were,

“Up… I must go up… Up.”

During this civil war, The Pack became all too aware of the presence of an infection inside the comrades they fought. The spores of the infection came from the west with the wind and infected those unlucky enough to inhale them. It usually remained invisible, but many saw the extent to which it could change a creature. They set fire to their lord, his followers and the spire. To this day, its charred remains stand above their city, reminding them forever of the months that changed everything they knew.

It did not stop here. Now that they knew of the danger, they set out to eradicate it from their lands. Fire became their means. It revealed those infected and burnt away the forests that could contain The Scourge. Their land was renamed appropriately to The Scar. Checkpoints were erected and defenses constructed so that they may be ever vigilant for a return of The Scourge.

Favored Gods: The Hunter and The Caretaker
Exports: Paints and Gems
Trades with: The Bale, The Warren and The Obstinacy

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The Pack

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