The Obstinacy

“In death, memory remains.”

The Obstinacy is a clan of bovines and cervidae who have only recently attained status as a clan. They are the youngest out of all the other clans, but they have been around just as long as everyone else. For quite some time, the Obstinacy was content to simply wander the land as they saw fit; either as solitary nomads, small families or large tribes. This lifestyle was forced into a drastic change when they faced a unique plague that thinned their numbers to near extinction.

The origins of the plague are a mystery to this day. It earned the name, Wailing Death after the pathetic state it left its victims in. In the later and final stages of its infection, it left its victims in such horrible pain that even the strongest were reduced to pathetic sobs. Only when death finally claimed them did the pain end. The Wailing Death was also entirely unique to the Obstinacy. While the other clans feared it as they would any other plague, they remained entirely free of its touch.

In order to survive extinction, the remaining Obstinacy took great risk and pains to seek out those who were free of the plague and bring them all north away from the southern tribes so they could be safe from infection. There they remained for many years as they restored their numbers. They survived the plague, and since have settled permanently among the Ivory Plains.

The Obstinacy has remained in these lands for quite some time. Eventually, their numbers swelled enough and word of the plague had long since drifted from their minds and allowed them to let go of the fear that once contained them to the plains. They did not have the desire to return to a nomadic lifestyle. For them, the plains will always be their home, but many cannot deny the insatiable craving they feel to venture beyond the lands they know into new territory.

Community and legacy are very important to the clan. They thrive on the stories they share both to remind their youngest where they came from and what their clan survived. Traditionally, these stores were shared vocally. However, when they settled in the Ivory Plains, they have since started to transfer these tales onto the great stones spread throughout the lands. Now, anyone who wanders into their territory can read these stones.

Given their insatiable wanderlust, those of the Obstinacy are always getting in some kind of danger. Many pass down their knowledge of combat to their children, but many in the clan would debate that brutal experience is the true test of a warrior in the clan. Either they survive long enough for their feats to become legend, or their names join those of the fallen.

One can never truly know what to expect with the Obstinacy. Some of their tribes are welcoming to outsiders, while other tribes have remembered when the other clans turned them away out of fear of the plague. Many spoil for a fight, and others simply want to share in the tales they have accumulated.

Favored Gods: The Artist and The Caretaker
Exports: Wheat and Pottery
Trades with: The Pride, The Pack and The Court

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The Obstinacy

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