The Lunatics

“We’ve earned this.”

Many do not accept the existence of an ninth clan. However, they cannot deny that the strength of the Lunatics rivals their own. Through a combination of clever tactics and insane maneuvers, the Lunatics have managed to plague the clans for years whilst avoiding their combined wrath even though attempts have been made to wipe them out before. While their influence is spread throughout the land in varying degrees, they reside in force among the Cyclone Mountains to the northwest. That they have chosen such treacherous environment as their primary home is a big part in why none of the other clans have been able to properly put an end to them.

It is not clear how the clan came to exist. Some suspect that Zhann the One-Eyed Kodiak, when he was banished, sought out the bandits in the northwest and brought them to heel. He then formed the Lunatics in mockery of all the other clans. Those in the Obstinacy disagree with this tale, and claim that they have always existed; they simply had a change in leadership and have become much more aggressive in recent years.

The Lunatics hail from all manner of species and backgrounds. Criminals, exiles, vagabonds, killers, or those without homes can be found among their ranks. Under the watchful eye of The Lunatic, there is no distinction between species among them. One very crucial distinction they do draw is that survival is a combined effort. Those that do not, or cannot pull their own weight will find their lives cut very short. One might find a home unlike any other amongst them, but hunger and a long winter can turn allies into enemies in a short amount of time.

It is a popular notion that the Lunatics are nothing more than deadly savages. There is good cause to believe this claim, but the reality of the matter is that the Lunatics can be bartered or negotiated with like anyone can. These people have known desperation and violence for much of their lives, however, so they are not often willing to take the time to barter with others when it is so much simpler to take what they want through force.

As their title implies, they do worship The Lunatic, but not in the same way that the Warren worships him as a god-fearing clan. There are many stories of members of the Lunatics painting or tattooing the symbol of the moon or eye on their bodies. Some claim that those found worthy of a ‘rank’ in the clan are made to give up one of their eyes in recognition of the mad god’s favor. Whether it truly is a blessing, or a way to strike fear into their opponent doesn’t change that they are a dangerous foe, and earning their gaze does not bode well.

The Lunatics

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