The Bale

“Even the sun can be stolen.”

There has never been a time the Bale has called the Great Blue anything but home. They are a clan of reptiles and amphibians that have built their lives around the sea. While they consider themselves its unofficial masters ever since the Gods departed, they do have secure homes located amongst the Storm Isles. From the day that they find themselves walking, the children of the Bale are baptized in the experience and dangers of sailing. Most of the clan loves a good challenge, thus, taking their inexperienced kin sailing is a rite of passage that allows them to make a reputation for themselves early on. There is very little disagreement on these traditions, and even those who find themselves in the unique position of not enjoying sailing recognize its importance to the clan in the larger scheme of things.

The Bale’s love of inherent difficulty not only finds its way into their traditions, but their politics as well. They are ruled by a singular leader who is selected via tournament every five to ten years. As per law of the Bale, anyone may challenge for leadership at any point during his rule. This doesn’t happen very often though, since the outcome means that the loser is banished for either defying the current leader or the leader truly was not the strongest and his victory in the tournament was clearly not the work of the gods.

As far as their general attitude, the Bale is surprisingly agreeable and outspoken. They prefer action over polite discourse and don’t mince words either. They also don’t tend to recognize authority outside their isles. As beings who respect strength in different forms, until that strength is proven, they tend not to recognize authority for the sake of authority. This tends to make enemies more often than it makes friends. But they would not have it any other way.

Caution is recommended to the many who might attempt to journey into the Great Blue without an experienced Bale clansman at the helm. The Great Blue is home to many dangers, like the All Tooth and storms. The Bale also has a reputation for piracy in the Great Blue. Since the clan fancies themselves as the masters of the sea, many of them have no qualms of taking advantage of inexperienced sailors for their wealth and possessions. For those too pathetic in their eyes, sometimes the wealth and possessions aren’t enough.

It’s not wise to let your guard down around members of this clan, but one can also find simple friendship in their ranks. Respect does not discriminate by species to them and they are perfectly willing to negotiate with anyone. The more important question is whether or not others are willing to negotiate with them given how they dress and act in ‘polite’ society.

Favored Gods: The Scholar and The Builder
Exports: Fish and Ships
Trades with: The Pride, The Volary and The Pack

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The Bale

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