Greater and Lesser Creatures

“Not all of us received the god’s gifts. Some were given none, and others were given too few.”

Suffice to say, there are creatures in the world that inhabit the same position that the great clans once belonged to. The most obvious example are the fish and the insects of the world. They have replaced the clans as the wild animals that populate the world. They can be tamed though. Dragonflies are a popular means of conveying messages quickly over great distances. Certain insects, like the horned beetle make excellent mounts if one can best their might. Other beasts make for excellent game, and provide sources of food for the clans. And some simply make good pets.

Not all creatures are lacking in sentience or can be bested. There are many rumors and stories of individuals stumbling across creatures capable of speech. These stories often paint these sorts of creatures as forces of nature, sometimes ignoring those of the clans, and sometimes tormenting them for amusement before consuming them. All of the land carries stories of such creatures, though they are rare and not many believe they are true.

The Bale know of one such creature. The All-Tooth that resides in the Great Blue. The All-Tooth is legendary in that its size is capable of swallowing ships whole and leaving no remains. Not many ever return to tell of their experience with this beast, but those who have swear on their lives that it exists and is a constant threat to anyone who would travel the ocean.

Greater and Lesser Creatures

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