To Walk in Their Footsteps

Year 185AG, Fall

Rumors and Tales:

-The Volary are at war with the Pride to retake some old land of theirs. The Pride are holding their own within the contains of a former Volary fort.

-As winter approaches, raids from the Lunatics are on the rise, affecting the Pack and the Warren.

-A skilled thief has been quite active in the Bale stealing valuable items. They have not been caught as of yet.

-Mahsa Mariyn, cousin to King Mariyn of the Pride, has been murdered.

-An assassin by the monicker, Snow has been witnessed across the land killing high profile individuals. In all cases, the assassin has spoken, “Snow falls, Snow covers all”.

-Travelers and children have gone missing all over the Ivory Plains. Trade has slowed and or taken precautions when traveling there for business.

-A privateer recently appointed to Captain Anakoni survived a storm ride in which the All-Tooth interrupted.

Rumor Mill
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I will record the local rumors using the Adventure Log so that they are recorded somewhere that can be viewed by all.


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