To Walk in Their Footsteps

Year 185AG, Winter

Rumors and Tales:

-The Scourge has founds its way into the Warren. It appears to have been an isolated incident that was taken care of by Wycliffe’s flock with the assistance of scouts from the Pack.

-The onset of Winter has brought the war between the Pride and the Volary to a standstill.

-The Sleuth’s new general has struck a hefty blow against the Bale’s fleet. The new general is a black bear by the name of Shakti Guan.

-A mass grave was found in the Ivory Plains containing an unidentifiable amount of bodies. Most of the bodies appeared to be missing random body parts.

-The assassin Snow has been spotted in the Scar (Pack) and the Valley of Accord (Warren). He is believed to be hiding as a Zealot among the Warren.

-King Asha Mariyn of the Pride has agreed to postpone the execution of Behruz Ardeshir following a duel of fists with his son, Vahid Ardeshir.

-The Pack are massing a force to the north-east of their lands.

Upcoming Festivals:

-Festival of the Lunatic (Obstinacy)
-Coming of Age Ceremony (Warren)
-New Year Celebration (Court)



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